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Ceramic Colors Wolbring - Color your world

Customised and Flexible

Whether you are a flat glass finisher, an architect or a designer – Ceramic Colors Wolbring provides you with the right colours for any purpose.

Ranging from a prestigious company building facade to an ambitious glass artwork – the colours produced by Ceramic Colors Wolbring are used in all kinds of different designs throughout the world.

Transparency and Fascination

A company logo or the colour of the daughter’s eyes – Ceramic Colors Wolbring blends any shade – customised, flexibly and quickly.

We treat each and everyone of you as a partner. And our partners benefit from an individual consultation and our quick service – starting with the offer to the shipment and beyond.

Expertise and Experience

Due to our excellent technical equipment we can guarantee a quick and flexible delivery.

Ceramic Colors Wolbring is a highly qualified manufacturer of ceramic flat glass colours. We are a subsidiary of the family-owned company Hans Wolbring GmbH which has been representing best quality and service in the field of ceramic colours for more than five decades.