Colour collection – Collection 34

Leaded decorative colours for flat glass

The leaded flat glass colours from the Collection 34 offer an interesting option for the ceramic decoration of float glass. Some colour tones that cannot be manufactured without lead can be offered with this series. The use of colours is extremely diverse and design-oriented.

Gruppe 2

11711 12713 13710 14711 16155
17710 17711 17715 17718 19169

* Individual monitor settings will affect how the colour tone is represented.
** The colour samples on the previous colour card are indicative tones that were determined under laboratory conditions. Deviations in the colour tone can be caused by different types of glass, the film thickness of the colour, firing conditions, etc. We recommend checking the colour tones in accordance with your specific requirements and conditions. The colour tones shown are as viewed through 6 mm float glass.

Firing range:

600-640 °C glass temperature
650-720 °C furnace temperature

The colours in the collection are divided into two groups:

Group 1 = leaded, cadmium-free, lithium-free
Group 2 = contain lead, cadmium and lithium

The Collection 34 comprises 22 mixed colours, one imitation etching, as well as 5 metallic tones.

Remarks: Setting the furnace control when using metallic tones from the Collection 34 for the toughened safety glass process is a difficult and sensitive procedure. For this reason, we recommend using only metallic tones from the Collection 140 for toughened safety processes.

Purple 77499 has been replaced by 771499. Only mix colours from the same group.

This colour series is a dangerous good, for further information please contact us.