Glass in…

Glass has an exceptionally wide range of applications, ranging from classic glass vessels through to modern design and architecture. Decisive for the aesthetics and durability of the glass used – for example in architecture – is the refined surface. Refining the surface gives the glass the desired exterior characteristics.

Ceramic Colors Wolbring is the point of contact for you and glass-processing companies, from the idea through to the decision on which colours to use, and the characteristics of the glass being used for your project.

Processing of ceramic colours

Of course, there are various possibilities for processing ceramic colours on glass. The following link – if you are not a glass-processing company – will give you an extended insight into the feasibility of your project.

Quality from start to finish

For us, it is extremely important that the requested colour meets the requirements of our customers both during the production and when applied to the product, and that no falsifications are caused by the application or firing.

To achieve this, we act in every step of our work with an absolute passion for colours and their authenticity. To this end, we always gain an impression of the final product when producing the suitable colour.

Interior design made of glass.
Large-scale projects with glass facades.
Printed/modified ampoules made of glass.
Cooker attachment glass
Electrical appliance panels made of glass.

With attention to detail