Colour collection – MetalliX

MetalliX – the heavy metal-free system from Ceramic Colors Wolbring allows you to resort to metallic effects when designing your products without having to use heavy metals. Your product acquires subtle or conspicuous colour characteristics just as you wish.

The colours from the System 2014 allow for varied and innovative glass designs, especially with flat glass. These are ceramic colour pastes that can be handled in toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass processes and imitate gold, silver and diamond metallic effects. With this new colour series, metallic particles of different sizes are used to produce widely varying intensities of brilliance and glitter.

As with most other colour series, it is not recommended to use colours from the “MetalliX” Collection on the side directly exposed to the weather. Atmospheric influences can attack the colour and change the tone.

Applications with laminated safety glass must be individually tested.

Standard colours from the MetalliX series:

Metallic particles Small Metallic particles Medium Metallic particles XL
201401 S

201402 M

201403 XL
201404 S

201405 M

201406 XL
201407 S

201408 M

201409 XL

Processing instructions

The products are supplied as a high viscosity “master paste”, and have to be diluted to print viscosity with the media depending on the requirements. The temperature dependency of the viscosity has to be taken into consideration. All process parameters such as the film thickness, print direction, dilution, drying, furnace control, furnace occupancy, furnace atmosphere, etc., can affect the colour tone. As is generally the case with metallic colours, special attention must be paid when using the flood bar. The colour should always be applied homogeneously, without dripping and from the correct distance, etc., to avoid so-called “ghost images”.

Application Direct screen printing
Processing temperature 18°C bis 25°C
Main components, flux system  Si-Zn-B
Medium 80 840 fast drying –> flash point 86°C
80 858 slow drying –> flash point 121°C
Mixing ratio (powder : medium) 70 : 30
Recommendation for screen printing fabric (min. or greater) MetalliX S: 48-70 (mesh / cm)
MetalliX M: 43-80 (mesh / cm)
MetalliX XL: 36-90 (mesh / cm)
Wet film thickness 35 – 70 µm
Recommended drying Recirculated air combined with IR heaters
90°C bis 130°C glass temperaature for 2 – 5 minutes
Firing Toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass
Cleaning With water

Storage and shelf life

Colour pastes have to be stored in a dry and cool location. It must not be stored at temperatures below 5 °C or higher then 35 °C. Always carefully clean and close opened containers. With proper storage of unopened containers, we guarantee a minimum shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Before use, the paste has to be homogenised by stirring it. We recommend using an electrical or pneumatic stirrer.

For technical production reasons, ceramic colours are manufactured in batches. Deviations in the colouring may therefore occur when using different colour batches. For large-scale projects, we can mix the required quantity of colours in one batch to avoid any possible colour deviations.