Colour collection – It’s Magic!

Heavy metal-free special effect colours for flat glass

The colours from the System 2010 allow for varied and innovative glass designs, especially with flat glass. These are ceramic colour pastes that can be handled in toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass processes. Special effects, such as interference or multicoloured effects, offer interesting new possibilities for realising special design requirements.

  • Ecologically sound, heavy metal-free colour system
  • Screen printing with water-friendly media
  • Diverse and vivid glass design
  • Modern and individual design options


You can select a glass surface in MAGIC GOLD – or use MAGIC CRYSTAL STAR to lend an intense metallic effect to any colours from the colour system.


Playing with reflection and translucency. You can choose between three source colours, each with one colour transition depending on the light. The glass surfaces shimmer during the day in a different tone than at night.


The glass surfaces shimmer in three different tones depending on the viewing angle. You can choose between four source colours, each with different colour transitions.

As with most other colour series, it is not recommended to use colours from the “It’s Magic” Collection on the side directly exposed to the weather. Atmospheric influences can attack the colour and change the colour tone.

Applications with laminated safety glass must be individually tested.