Colour mixtures

Colour tone mixtures in line with customer requirements are our strong point. Formulations already exist for all ceramically producible RAL tones and a large number of RAL Design, NCS, Pantone, HKS, Sikkens, Brillux and DB tones. Special colour tones can be analysed and reproduced in our colour laboratory.

We only use tested ceramic colours that have been approved for different applications, for example:

Environment and resources

All formulations are generally unleaded. Leaded colours are only used for colour tones that cannot be produced without lead.

Consideration of natural colourings

The colour is assessed under true application conditions, which means that the colour tone is viewed through the glass.

Float glass, for example, has a green tone. To avoid colour falsifications, by request we adjust the colour setting for each order taking into account different types and thicknesses of the glass under production conditions.