History of Ceramic Colors Wolbring

Established in 1952 as a Degussa commercial agency in the Westerwald region, Wolbring quickly developed into a reliable trading partner for ceramic colours. A success story which also made an impact beyond the region. Today, the company is one of the industry leaders in Europe. Since 1984, the family-run company Hans Wolbring has been under the management of Michael Wolbring, who belongs to the second generation of the family. In December 1991, the one-man company was transformed into a limited company (link to website), and Mr. and Ms. Wolbring became joint managing directors. The ever-growing demand from the glass industry for ceramic colours, especially for construction glass, led to the establishment of the subsidiary company Ceramic Colors Wolbring Gmbh in 2002. It is involved solely in manufacturing colour pastes for various application methods such as screen printing, application by roller, and spraying. Ceramic Colors Wolbring mixes and disperses ceramic colour powders with liquid media, and delivers them to companies in the glass industry, in particular in the field of flat glass refinement, which appreciate the individually flexible support and services provided by the family-owned company.

In January 2009, Holger Geisler joined the company. Formerly Product and Marketing Manager at Ferro with responsibility for the flat glass division, Mr. Geisler ran the company as managing partner together with Michael Wolbring until the end of 2013.

Holger Geisler has been sole managing director since 2014, while Michael Wolbring works as a consultant.


Hans Wolbring establishes a Degussa commercial agency in the Westerwald region selling ceramic colours.


Michael Wolbring takes over as managing director of Wolbring.


Michael and Hildegard Wolbring jointly run the newly founded Hans Wolbring GmbH.


The subsidiary company Ceramic Colors Wolbring GmbH is founded punctually for the 50th anniversary.

2002 – 2008

Several extensions of the company building at the Höhr- Grenzhausen industrial park enable the family business to steadily grow.

From 2009 on

Between January 2009 and the end of 2013, the company is run jointly by Holger Geisler and Michael Wolbring. Mr. Geisler has been sole managing director of Ceramic Colors Wolbring since 2014.

From 2018 on

Expansion of the company with the takeover of the neighbouring company Thomas Wolbring GmbH as of January 1, 2018.