Colour collection – Collection 140

Unleaded flat glass colours

The glass colours from the Collection 140 belong to the new generation of unleaded flat glass colours. They are suitable for a broad range of application areas on float glass. The firing range of the colours is harmonised with prestress conditions for toughened safety glass.

Collection 140 Plus

174090 174091 134090  174095

* Individual monitor settings will affect how the colour tone is represented.
** The colour samples on the previous colour card are indicative tones that were determined under laboratory conditions. Deviations in the colour tone can be caused by different types of glass, the film thickness of the colour, firing conditions, etc. We recommend checking the colour tones in accordance with your specific requirements and conditions. The colour tones shown are as viewed through 6 mm float glass.

Firing range:

620-660 °C glass temperature
670-710 °C furnace temperature

The colours from the Collection 140 do not contain lead, cadmium or lithium, and can be freely mixed with one another.

The exception to this are the complementary colours containing cadmium from the Collection 140 Plus. These are two red tones, one orange tone and one yellow tone. A wider colour spectrum can be achieved by using these special colours.