Our manufacturing process is based on diligence and strict reviews of all work steps. As source materials, we mainly use flat glass colours from the Collection 140. By special customer request, we also use leaded flat glass colours from the Collection 34, and for special applications ceramic colours for ceramics, porcelain and enamel.

Additionally, we compose individual colour tones based on the RAL, NCS and Pantone colour systems, or on other personal specifications of our customers. The colour is assessed under true application conditions, which means that the colour tone is viewed through the glass. Float glass already has an inherent green tone. To avoid colour falsifications, by request we therefore adjust the colour setting for each order taking into account different types and thicknesses of the glass under production conditions. As part of our special service, the customer receives a sample quantity from us which can be tested under proprietary process parameters.

The close collaboration between the production team and the colleagues in the development and application technology department ensures premium-quality, innovative production results. Quality assurance and controls are conducted in our own laboratory.