Dispersion with Ceramic Colors Wolbring

Ceramic Colors Wolbring are experts for contract and paste dispersion. Numerous companies from many different branches of industry, such as the cosmetics, glass, automotive, electronics, food and pharmaceutical sectors, have been convinced by the company’s speed, flexibility and the ideal price-performance ratio.

You have the choice:

You can decide whether you want to provide the requisite raw materials yourself. Should you decide to do so, we subsequently take on the task of contract dispersion. If you do not have access to any raw materials, we can naturally procure them for you. This is mainly the case with paste dispersion.

What makes Ceramic Colors Wolbring stand out is the company’s high level of expertise, and the capability to quickly and individually accommodate its customers’ specific requirements. It offers it services to both national and international customers.

Balanced products through homogenisation and dispersion

The physical-mechanical dispersion process has proven its worth in the production of pastes and metal pastes, lacquers, creams, plastics, and many other formulations. In the dispersion method used by Ceramic Colors Wolbring GmbH, powdery concentrates and other substances are dispersed, homogenised and deagglomerated with one another until a uniform paste is attained. The aim of the dispersion process is to achieve a balanced distribution of various components by means of dispersion in a single machine operation with a three-roll mill. This method functions extremely gently even with extremely viscous and highly loaded systems as hardly any dry friction occurs during the dispersion. The agglomerates are destroyed.

For example, Ceramic Colors Wolbring disperses and processes creams and gels for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries using mixers, agitators and three-roll mills in order to achieve a defined predispersal, a semi-finished product, or a precise product mixture. With the right combination and calculated further processing of the utilised materials, products with unique properties are created during the paste production.

Our expertise – the right know-how

Contract and paste dispersion for companies from the cosmetics, glass, automotive, electrical, food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as from other sectors, form one competence field at Ceramic Colors Wolbring. The specialist can look back on a high level of expertise: Ever since its foundation, the company has concentrated on the production of sustainable colour pastes. Mixtures for ceramic pastes and metal pastes are also used for special applications. Ceramic Colors Wolbring works by means of pasting, special pasting, or contract pasting.

The aim of dispersion and homogenisation is to achieve a perfect mechanical grinding of solids and to guarantee homogeneous pastes. Alongside the uniform distribution in the carrier material, dispersion also includes wetting the dispersion substances, as well as shredding and deagglomerating the dispersion material.

A success story – based on tradition and innovation

Many years’ experience flow into all the services and products from Ceramic Colors Wolbring GmbH. Founded in 1952 by Hans Wolbring in the Westerwald region as a Degussa commercial agency, the company initially was known for its reliability and perfection in the ceramic colour segment. A success that quickly made an impact nationwide. Today, the company is one of Europe’s leading providers in its segment.

Driven by the growing demand from the glass industry for ceramic colours – especially for flat glass – the subsidiary Ceramic Colors Wolbring GmbH was established in 2002. The company specialises in the production of pastes for various application processes such as screen printing, roller coating, veil coating and spraying.